Palace Autumn 2017 lookbook

This is just a post on my opinion on the newly released palace autumn lookbook . Personally I’m not a massive fan of palace these days and feel they have slipped up in the recent years but there are a fewpieces  from most drops that I do appreciate although wouldn’t wear or buy. So instead of covering the everything I’ll just cover the pieces that I like.

This lookbook actually included some really nice fits. Firstly I think the whole denim collection they’ve decided to make is nice especially in the nice bright red colour. 

Secondly is the loafers. I realise palace do often release loafer style shoes but personally the ones this season are the nicest to date and if they come in a few colourways , such as black, it could be a very nice , smarter fit shoe. 

The next piece that I like is the striped t shirt . The whole striped short sleeved shirt is very popular at the moment , coming strongly in to popular street fashion after asap rocky collaborated with guess jeans. However saying that although this t shirt isn’t as nice as the asap x guess ones , it’s still a nice piece and it’s always good to have some stripes in your wardrobe.

Lastly is the long sleeve orange t shirt. I think the material is a type of velour texture and although I’m not personally a massive fan of orange I do still think the shirt is nice . Saying that, it is very similar to similar pieces done by supreme with the classic logo on many different striped and non striped long sleeved t shirts. 

Although the lookbook is better than previous ones , I probably won’t be copping anything as it’s just to much for what it is in my opinion. 


Summer shirts

I know it’s nearing the end of summer and in reality I should’ve written this post at the start of summer. But anyway this is my take on summer shirts.

Firstly I am a massive fan of shit shirts ( loud shirts ). I’m not really sure why but I have quite the collection of loud shirts and a few of them are actually from quite interesting places in the world. It’s always good fun to have loud summer shirts as it’s an easy way to liven up an outfit and there is always an occasion when a shit shirt is required ūüėČ.

Secondly for a smarter, more sensible shirt I would recommend a viscose shirt. Viscose is the type of material used and quite often they have a specific type collar ( as pictured ) and they have quite the vintage look to them. At the start of the summer I managed to get a sort of peach colour one from primark for roughly ¬£7 and unlike the poor quality of most primark clothes , the quality is alright ( not amazing but should last a few summers ). I’ve noticed that these shirts have become really popular this summer with many higher end brands creating their own , with nice striped patterns especially.

And lastly , the final summer shirt I would recommend is a nice white , short sleeve shirt. This shirt can be worn both casually and smart and a white shirt is a classic look that most men should at least have and it’s easy to wear and pull off on many different occasions. These aren’t hard to find and possible to get at a variety of prices and quality so I would recommend buying the one you like the fit and style personally the most. But do try and avoid one that’s quite see through and I wouldn’t recommend tucking it in with black trousers as you run the risk of looking like a bus driver.¬†A loud shirt¬†The loud (also viscose) shirt

The viscose shirt

the white shirt


I know it’s the middle of the festival season and I am a bit late writing this post but this year I will be going to Reading festival which is at the end of August. Anyway, sometimes it’s hard to decide what clothes to take to a festival, especially whilst living in Britain as you need to be prepared for any kind of weather. The thing with festivals is that you shouldn’t be taking any clothes that you don’t want to get a bit wrecked but at the same time you still want to be able to wear nice clothes. The good thing about festivals is that you can literally wear whatever you feel like and no one will judge you for it because the everyone there is doing the same. A festival at the end of the day is about the music, mosh pits and getting pissed with your mates so in all honesty it really doesn’t matter what clothes you take. However there are a few essential clothing items that you will need to bring.

First off I find it really useful to have a bumbag. Personally I have a Eastpak black one which cost me about £20 but if you just search on ebay its easy to find ones for only a few quid which will do the same job. its just useful as a way of carrying your essentials. But just as a warning, if you are male with a bum bag it will be searched every time you enter the arena so you will need to hide your alcohol and drugs elsewhere. I tend to wer them over my shoulder as more of a shoulder bag.

Next you will need a hat. Unless you are willing to queue for about an hour just for a shower then you’ll need a hat to hide your lovely greasy locks. Recently I bought an anvil plain black hat off Amazon and it only cost me ¬£4.

And of course you will need a pair of sunglasses to hide your bloodshot eyes from the rest of the world and also to keep the sun out of your eyes. If you are like me and like to mosh pit then don’t take expensive sunglasses as there is a high chance that they will fall off your head or break.

And lastly, dont be shy with colours at a festival. Go all out with your bright coloured t shirts and shit shirts. Just take the basics and a few pairs of shorts and a pair of beaters (shoes you don’t mind wrecking) and of course do be prepared for the rain, even if it is sunny in the day and you do have a fire in the night, it can still be quite cold so take a few layers just to make sure that you are warm enough.


A lot of sunglasses these days are very expensive, however the price is usually reflected in the quality of the lenses and cheap sunglasses often have poor lenses and could cause some damage to your eyesight. However I feel its always important to own a cheap pair or a few cheap pairs of sunglasses for things such as festivals and from personal experience, sunglasses often break at festivals and so you don’t want to be taking a really expensive pair.

When buying sunglasses it’s important to consider what style suits you the most as different style of sunglasses suit different shape heads etc. . I quite recently bought a nice cheap pair of black Kurt Cobain style sunglasses off of ebay. They only cost me roughly ¬£2 and I’ve used them a fair amount of times when I haven’t wanted to ruin my other pair. There’s a selection of colours on offer which can be found by simply just searching ‘Kurt Cobain style sunglasses’ into the search bar on Ebay. This style has become really popular this summer, especially in white but i opted for the black colourway as I find black sunglasses to be the most appropriate.

If you are looking for a different style of sunglasses for cheap, personally I really like the rayban wayfarer style sunglasses and again cheap alternatives for these can be found simply just by searching on ebay for men sunglasses and these wouldn’t cost you more than ¬£3 I imagine. However I would recommend that you pay a little bit extra to secure that your sunglasses are UV protected. Many high street companies such as Asos and Urban Outfitters offer a good array of sunglasses roughly at the price of ¬£15 with many different styles to suit your personal preference. I would recommend going for a classy pair of black sunglasses or going all out with a nice pair of vintage sunglasses (as pictured) to complete the perfect vintage, stand out outfit.

The classy pair of sunglasses

The Kurt Cobain style sunglasses

The vintage style sunglasses

The classic raybans wayfarers

Bucket Hats

I thought I should do a piece on bucket hats as it is summer and personally I do think bucket hats can help for a great summer outfit. However I am aware that bucket hats are a particular taste and many people would never think to wear one.

More recently I have seen bucket hats come back into fashion and they are perfect for summer holidays. Many more expensive street style companies have released bucket hats, from palace often releasing bucket hats and supreme’s most recent in the spring summer collection of 2017 and also with previous collaborations with comme des garcons. ¬†Also less hyped street companies do a selection of bucket hats such as stussy and carhartt. However if you are like me, you don’t really want to be spending roughly ¬£35 on a hat that wont be worn that often and so want a hat for under ¬£5 or maybe a little bit more. Personally I feel that massive branding on hats such as the stussy bucket hat ruins the hat completely and would much rather settle for a plain hat.

There is many options online for cheap bucket hats and personally I own two, a khaki green one and a black one. Both of these hats were purchased on ebay for about ¬£2 each and there are many options for colours, ranging from bright, stand out colours to more neutral colours. I would recommend that you stick to the neutral colours for a bucket hat. Also the fitting of the hat is essential so i would also recommend that you check the sizing of the hats on ebay before purchasing because the sizing tend to differ quite a bit and a bucket hat that is too small doesn’t look very good at all.

And lastly, how to style a bucket hat. Styling a bucket hat isn’t that difficult especially if the colour is pretty plain and therefore goes with most outfits. It is perfect for a bit of a vintage look to your outfit as bucket hats stem from old hip hop with companies such as kangol producing many hats. I usually wear mine on holiday and so wear it with either a white or black tank top tucked into my shorts or just a plain white t-shirts. I would keep the outfit nice and simple with a bucket hat because the hat itself can quite often be a bit of a statement and so I would try to not overdo it with the rest of your outfit, however this doesn’t stop you from wearing it with what you feel is right for the outfit.

T shirts



T shirts are a basic necessity to any outfit but there’s no need to break the bank to look good.

However I feel that every wardrobe should at least contain the basics, a plain white , black and grey t shirt. These are easy to get hold of and don’t cost much from most retailers. The quality does differ from brand to brand but I tend to get mine from Gildan off amazon. They cost roughly ¬£2.50 and for that price the quality is fair. They are quite a heavy option so not ideal for summer but perfect for winter. If you are looking for a lighter alternative I would recommend H&M or next.

Along with the basics I also feel that it’s nice to have a few coulorful t shirts to brighten up the wardrobe. Personally I go for reds and yellows just as a personal preference but there’s no harm in getting what colour you feel is right for whatever outfit.

Next is fitting. I’m 5’10” and tend to ¬†get XL t shirts just as I like the oversized look but more recently I tend to tuck my t shirts in for a smarter look. It works perfectly with dark trousers and a white t shirt with a nice belt. And quite often when you are buying cheaper t shirts they often do shrink with a few washes which is also why I often buy a size up for my t shirts.

These are a few examples of ways I like to style basic t shirts. White is easy as it goes with pretty much anything and is easy to pull off. However once you have the basics it allows you to expand your t shirt wardrobe with a few extra graphic t shirts but personally I would stray away from t shirts with massive branding for the best looks.

Why I started blogging?

I started blogging as a platform to express my fashion and style opinions but also as a way to show how affordable clothing items for men and the variety ways of styling them. Specifically I will cover men’s street style and will post my opinions on the most recent drops and will also I will cover how to style for cheap and cheap alternatives for more expensive style items as quite often they are overpriced and can be recreated for someone on a budget.

I will post quite often, about once a week and will try to stay as active and up to date with the world of men’s street style.