This is just a post on my opinion on the newly released palace autumn lookbook . Personally I’m not a massive fan of palace these days and feel they have slipped up in the recent years but there are a fewpieces  from most drops that I do appreciate although wouldn’t wear or buy. So instead of covering the everything I’ll just cover the pieces that I like.

This lookbook actually included some really nice fits. Firstly I think the whole denim collection they’ve decided to make is nice especially in the nice bright red colour. 

Secondly is the loafers. I realise palace do often release loafer style shoes but personally the ones this season are the nicest to date and if they come in a few colourways , such as black, it could be a very nice , smarter fit shoe. 

The next piece that I like is the striped t shirt . The whole striped short sleeved shirt is very popular at the moment , coming strongly in to popular street fashion after asap rocky collaborated with guess jeans. However saying that although this t shirt isn’t as nice as the asap x guess ones , it’s still a nice piece and it’s always good to have some stripes in your wardrobe.

Lastly is the long sleeve orange t shirt. I think the material is a type of velour texture and although I’m not personally a massive fan of orange I do still think the shirt is nice . Saying that, it is very similar to similar pieces done by supreme with the classic logo on many different striped and non striped long sleeved t shirts. 

Although the lookbook is better than previous ones , I probably won’t be copping anything as it’s just to much for what it is in my opinion. 


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