I know it’s nearing the end of summer and in reality I should’ve written this post at the start of summer. But anyway this is my take on summer shirts.

Firstly I am a massive fan of shit shirts ( loud shirts ). I’m not really sure why but I have quite the collection of loud shirts and a few of them are actually from quite interesting places in the world. It’s always good fun to have loud summer shirts as it’s an easy way to liven up an outfit and there is always an occasion when a shit shirt is required 😉.

Secondly for a smarter, more sensible shirt I would recommend a viscose shirt. Viscose is the type of material used and quite often they have a specific type collar ( as pictured ) and they have quite the vintage look to them. At the start of the summer I managed to get a sort of peach colour one from primark for roughly £7 and unlike the poor quality of most primark clothes , the quality is alright ( not amazing but should last a few summers ). I’ve noticed that these shirts have become really popular this summer with many higher end brands creating their own , with nice striped patterns especially.

And lastly , the final summer shirt I would recommend is a nice white , short sleeve shirt. This shirt can be worn both casually and smart and a white shirt is a classic look that most men should at least have and it’s easy to wear and pull off on many different occasions. These aren’t hard to find and possible to get at a variety of prices and quality so I would recommend buying the one you like the fit and style personally the most. But do try and avoid one that’s quite see through and I wouldn’t recommend tucking it in with black trousers as you run the risk of looking like a bus driver. A loud shirt The loud (also viscose) shirt

The viscose shirt

the white shirt


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