A lot of sunglasses these days are very expensive, however the price is usually reflected in the quality of the lenses and cheap sunglasses often have poor lenses and could cause some damage to your eyesight. However I feel its always important to own a cheap pair or a few cheap pairs of sunglasses for things such as festivals and from personal experience, sunglasses often break at festivals and so you don’t want to be taking a really expensive pair.

When buying sunglasses it’s important to consider what style suits you the most as different style of sunglasses suit different shape heads etc. . I quite recently bought a nice cheap pair of black Kurt Cobain style sunglasses off of ebay. They only cost me roughly £2 and I’ve used them a fair amount of times when I haven’t wanted to ruin my other pair. There’s a selection of colours on offer which can be found by simply just searching ‘Kurt Cobain style sunglasses’ into the search bar on Ebay. This style has become really popular this summer, especially in white but i opted for the black colourway as I find black sunglasses to be the most appropriate.

If you are looking for a different style of sunglasses for cheap, personally I really like the rayban wayfarer style sunglasses and again cheap alternatives for these can be found simply just by searching on ebay for men sunglasses and these wouldn’t cost you more than £3 I imagine. However I would recommend that you pay a little bit extra to secure that your sunglasses are UV protected. Many high street companies such as Asos and Urban Outfitters offer a good array of sunglasses roughly at the price of £15 with many different styles to suit your personal preference. I would recommend going for a classy pair of black sunglasses or going all out with a nice pair of vintage sunglasses (as pictured) to complete the perfect vintage, stand out outfit.

The classy pair of sunglasses

The Kurt Cobain style sunglasses

The vintage style sunglasses

The classic raybans wayfarers


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