I know it’s the middle of the festival season and I am a bit late writing this post but this year I will be going to Reading festival which is at the end of August. Anyway, sometimes it’s hard to decide what clothes to take to a festival, especially whilst living in Britain as you need to be prepared for any kind of weather. The thing with festivals is that you shouldn’t be taking any clothes that you don’t want to get a bit wrecked but at the same time you still want to be able to wear nice clothes. The good thing about festivals is that you can literally wear whatever you feel like and no one will judge you for it because the everyone there is doing the same. A festival at the end of the day is about the music, mosh pits and getting pissed with your mates so in all honesty it really doesn’t matter what clothes you take. However there are a few essential clothing items that you will need to bring.

First off I find it really useful to have a bumbag. Personally I have a Eastpak black one which cost me about £20 but if you just search on ebay its easy to find ones for only a few quid which will do the same job. its just useful as a way of carrying your essentials. But just as a warning, if you are male with a bum bag it will be searched every time you enter the arena so you will need to hide your alcohol and drugs elsewhere. I tend to wer them over my shoulder as more of a shoulder bag.

Next you will need a hat. Unless you are willing to queue for about an hour just for a shower then you’ll need a hat to hide your lovely greasy locks. Recently I bought an anvil plain black hat off Amazon and it only cost me £4.

And of course you will need a pair of sunglasses to hide your bloodshot eyes from the rest of the world and also to keep the sun out of your eyes. If you are like me and like to mosh pit then don’t take expensive sunglasses as there is a high chance that they will fall off your head or break.

And lastly, dont be shy with colours at a festival. Go all out with your bright coloured t shirts and shit shirts. Just take the basics and a few pairs of shorts and a pair of beaters (shoes you don’t mind wrecking) and of course do be prepared for the rain, even if it is sunny in the day and you do have a fire in the night, it can still be quite cold so take a few layers just to make sure that you are warm enough.


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