I thought I should do a piece on bucket hats as it is summer and personally I do think bucket hats can help for a great summer outfit. However I am aware that bucket hats are a particular taste and many people would never think to wear one.

More recently I have seen bucket hats come back into fashion and they are perfect for summer holidays. Many more expensive street style companies have released bucket hats, from palace often releasing bucket hats and supreme’s most recent in the spring summer collection of 2017 and also with previous collaborations with comme des garcons.  Also less hyped street companies do a selection of bucket hats such as stussy and carhartt. However if you are like me, you don’t really want to be spending roughly £35 on a hat that wont be worn that often and so want a hat for under £5 or maybe a little bit more. Personally I feel that massive branding on hats such as the stussy bucket hat ruins the hat completely and would much rather settle for a plain hat.

There is many options online for cheap bucket hats and personally I own two, a khaki green one and a black one. Both of these hats were purchased on ebay for about £2 each and there are many options for colours, ranging from bright, stand out colours to more neutral colours. I would recommend that you stick to the neutral colours for a bucket hat. Also the fitting of the hat is essential so i would also recommend that you check the sizing of the hats on ebay before purchasing because the sizing tend to differ quite a bit and a bucket hat that is too small doesn’t look very good at all.

And lastly, how to style a bucket hat. Styling a bucket hat isn’t that difficult especially if the colour is pretty plain and therefore goes with most outfits. It is perfect for a bit of a vintage look to your outfit as bucket hats stem from old hip hop with companies such as kangol producing many hats. I usually wear mine on holiday and so wear it with either a white or black tank top tucked into my shorts or just a plain white t-shirts. I would keep the outfit nice and simple with a bucket hat because the hat itself can quite often be a bit of a statement and so I would try to not overdo it with the rest of your outfit, however this doesn’t stop you from wearing it with what you feel is right for the outfit.


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