T shirts are a basic necessity to any outfit but there’s no need to break the bank to look good.

However I feel that every wardrobe should at least contain the basics, a plain white , black and grey t shirt. These are easy to get hold of and don’t cost much from most retailers. The quality does differ from brand to brand but I tend to get mine from Gildan off amazon. They cost roughly £2.50 and for that price the quality is fair. They are quite a heavy option so not ideal for summer but perfect for winter. If you are looking for a lighter alternative I would recommend H&M or next.

Along with the basics I also feel that it’s nice to have a few coulorful t shirts to brighten up the wardrobe. Personally I go for reds and yellows just as a personal preference but there’s no harm in getting what colour you feel is right for whatever outfit.

Next is fitting. I’m 5’10” and tend to  get XL t shirts just as I like the oversized look but more recently I tend to tuck my t shirts in for a smarter look. It works perfectly with dark trousers and a white t shirt with a nice belt. And quite often when you are buying cheaper t shirts they often do shrink with a few washes which is also why I often buy a size up for my t shirts.

These are a few examples of ways I like to style basic t shirts. White is easy as it goes with pretty much anything and is easy to pull off. However once you have the basics it allows you to expand your t shirt wardrobe with a few extra graphic t shirts but personally I would stray away from t shirts with massive branding for the best looks.


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